The Company

OIKOS was founded in 2014 by Konstantinos Tottis and Anna Moschopoulou Totti who decided to create a company which would produce and market high quality Greek skin care products using the best Bio ingredients that Greek nature haw to offer, in combination with modern skin care technology.

As product quality is at the core of its philosophy, Oikos endeavours to alter the public’s perception of Greek skin care products and to achieve the best quality at the best price.

We offer excellent quality, aiming to offer beauty and customer satisfaction to those who seek modern Greek skin care products.

The Philosophy 

Every woman’s dream is to enhance her natural beauty. Beauty is inside of us as long as we nurture it. With the Aroma skin care products, our endeavor haw been to make the dream of beauty accessible and affordable, offering the best quality product at the lowest price. This is our vision and nature’s bounty provides us with the ingredients, and science, the knowledge that is required. In this way, we created the Greek Aroma skin care products, using the highest quality natural ingredients derived from Greek nature, in combination with skin care technology.

We are committed to our vision and endeavor to alter the traditional perception of beauty, by changing the world of skin care. High quality skin care products does not necessarily imply expensive, and Greek skin care products does not imply traditional.

The Aroma skin care products combine the wisdom of Greek nature with skin care technology in the optimal combination of quality and price. We offer top value for money in our modern skin care products and guarantee the best quality at the lowest price. Why?

Because pampering yourself does not cost anymore…

The Products

The Aroma skin care products are created for the face and body and protect the skin from irritation.

Our name Aroma is derived from the ancient Greek world “Άρωμα” which nowadays is internationally known and resonates with every contemporary individual. Not only do Aroma products contain the highest quality Bio ingredients, but also have a distinctive aroma, which lasts 24 hours and stimulates the senses.

Why choose AROMA products?

  • The aroma’s, our creation, last 24 hours and are 100% allergy free
  • Certified Bio ingredients derived from Greek nature
  • Antiaging, reconstructive, antioxidant, firming and hydrating action
  • Collagen booster
  • Protection against free radicals
  • Greek production
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Certified according to the international standard ISO 22716:2007 and ISO 9001:2008