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Supporting realistic beauty and embracing diversity, we greatly value every individual’s uniqueness and particular needs. It is our mission to offer wide range of face care, skincare and hair care products with different attributes to cater to different needs and expectations.

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We create high-quality beauty products using natural  ingredients -most of them certified organic- derived from the wealth of Greek nature. Our products are free from harmful substances, such as parabens, phthalates, lead, nickel, etc., and skin-friendly, protecting the skin from irritation.

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We strongly believe in the ‘power of the scent’ which triggers all senses and creates emotions and memories. We focus on producing beauty products that engage all senses, starting from smell, to create an overall sensory experience. Inspired by the abundance of Greek nature, we wish to encapsulate in our products the distinctive aromas of Greek flora. The products’ fragrances are our own creation reflecting a wide range of aromatic profiles. Developed with the highest quality ingredients, they are long-lasting and 100% allergen-free.

Exploiting nature’s treasures: Discover some of our Bio ingredients

Bio honey

Bio beeswax

Bio olive oil

Bio aloe vera

Bio pomegranate

Bio shea butter

Bio cocoa butter

Bio avocado butter

Bio argan oil

Bio jojoba oil

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Most loved

BIOACTIVE Face & Body scrub Bio Propolis & Mastiha with Vitamins A, E, B5

Deep cleansing & strong anti-bacterial action for radiant skin

BIOACTIVE face cream with Bio olive oil, Hyaluronic acid & Marine collagen 50ml

Advanced natural face treatment for healthy, luminous skin

BIOACTIVE Face Bio oil with 11 Bio oils

Premium skin treatment for intensive hydration, nourishment & restoration

BIOACTIVE Face lifting serum with 5 hyaluronic acids

Premium face serum with 5 hyaluronic acids for skin regeneration

BIOACTIVE Body butter Bio Honey & Yogurt with Marine collagen

 Intensive natural nourishment for baby-soft skin

BIOACTIVE Body milk Bio Olive oil & Beeswax with Hyaluronic acid

Natural skin care for soft & smooth skin

BIOACTIVE Body milk Bio Propolis & Mastiha with Vitamins A, E, B5

Pure body lotion for nourished & glowing skin

BIOACTIVE Body therapy cream with Bio Honey, Polysaccharides & Marine collagen

Advanced natural treatment for body contouring & slimming effect

BIOACTIVE Body therapy cream with Bio olive oil, Caffeine & Hyaluronic acid

Pure, intensive anti-stretch marks & anti-cellulite treatment

BIOACTIVE Hand cream Bio Honey with Vitamin C

Intensive anti-spot & anti-ageing hand treatment