All our products are designed and produced in Greece with the highest-quality ingredients, meeting the highest production standards.

Gourmet Skincare

Our motto is: ‘Feed your body and your skin with the best possible ingredients nature has to offer!’

The Mediterranean cuisine has been known for years as one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide. Its foundation and philosophy lie mainly on the daily consumption of fruits, vegetables, herbs, whole grains and nuts. Still, the Mediterranean diet has been much more than a cuisine: it has become a major life philosophy, embracing and supporting overall healthy living.


Taking it a step further, in terms of skin treatment, we strongly believe that overall health and well-being can be endorsed by proper skin nourishment. Using natural, ‘clean’ and thus healthy ingredients in our daily beauty routine –combined with  natural and healthy diet and living- is the best possible way to remain healthy, youthful and beautiful.


This is why we consider our products as the ‘Mediterranean Gourmet Skincare’, since they contain the best natural ingredients to nourish and feed our skin, supporting our overall good health and spirit.

Inspired by our Greek heritage:
Tradition meets Modern Technology

Greece’s natural environment is rich and diverse, having myriad different microclimates. In fact, its diverse landscape and variable climates make Greece one of the wealthiest countries in the entire EU, in terms of biodiversity.


What’s more astonishing is the fact that from its 7,500 plant and botanical species, 850 are endemic and so unique that they are not found anywhere else in the world.


What’s even more interesting is that the same herbs that were gathered back in Ancient Greece are still found and used in modern Greece, while their uses have practically stayed the same in natural remedies. This happens because Greek herbs have been known through the centuries for their great nutritional and healing properties.

These invaluable findings have been passed down to us through time in the form of natural home remedies and traditional beauty recipes.


Ancient Greeks believed in natural beauty, attained through natural means and ingredients, such as olive oil, honey and beeswax, used in makeup, skincare and hair treatments. We are really fortunate that these beauty recipes have been cherished and handed down to us from generation to generation.


They are the same beauty recipes, based on pure and natural ingredients, that have become the cornerstone of our inspiration, at Oikos.


We can proudly claim that those ancient cosmetology recipes, combined with current scientific methods and approaches, have been the perfect amalgam for the creation of our beauty products.