As known, collagen is a protein, naturally produced in our body, responsible for increasing skin elasticity and firmness through hydration. It is a natural body ingredient that keeps our skin healthy and youthful. However, collagen production in the body gradually or even drastically decreases as we age. Therefore, collagen is used as a premium ingredient in skincare cosmetics, enhancing skin restoration and enabling its natural anti-aging procedure.


Marine collagen (also known as fish collagen), is found in fish skin and is considered as ‘type I collagen’, out of 5 collagen types available, since it is absorbed more efficiently by the skin, in comparison to the other 4 collagen types. This may be explained by the fact that type I collagen is the most abundant type of collagen found in our body, and most importantly, the most effective one regarding skin healing and regeneration. In other words, it is easier for our body to accept it!

Marine collagen is in fact, a premium type of collagen, offering major benefits to skin, hair and nails. Through hydration, it intensifies the repair of skin cells, while boosting skin smoothness and health.


The benefits are countless: supple and youthful skin on face and body, healthy and glowing hair, strong and beautiful nails! It is our number one ally in maintaining youthful appearance and radiance!