Panthenol is a well-known ingredient. You may have used it on sunburns, mild burns, skin irritation or cases of inflammation, since it’s mostly touted for its healing properties, enabling faster skin repair and healing after minor damages.


But what is it exactly and why is it a vital skincare ingredient?


Panthenol is a provitamin of B5 and a potent multifunctional active ingredient. Its benefits in skincare are numerous.


This is how it works: when absorbed by the skin, panthenol penetrates its membranes and turns into vitamin B5, reducing water loss from the skin. Simply put, it attracts and holds moisture inside the skin, and deeply nourishes it. The result is that dry, flaking skin becomes more elastic and supple; while mature, aging skin becomes more youthful! After all, skin elasticity is vital for our proper anti-aging routine!

But here comes the best news: panthenol enhances the growth of new skin cells, meaning that old skin cells are replaced by new and more vibrant ones, transforming overall skin appearance!


Apart from its numerous beneficial skin properties, panthenol is ideal for hair treatment as well. It repairs damaged hair, penetrating hair cells and creating a film of moisture, sealing it and protecting it from damage. The result is stronger, healthier and glossier hair, with fewer split ends!