Polysaccharides are considered active and multifunctional ingredients, playing a significant role in the formulation of high-quality cosmetics. In fact, they are gaining ground in modern cosmetology, as their outstanding properties cannot stay unnoticed.


Polysaccharides are used as stabilizing agents in cosmetics, but what really makes them special is their ability to work in synergy with other ingredients, boosting and optimizing their properties. Working in ‘silence’, it is fair to say that they are the unsung heroes of skincare products!


According to several studies, we can confidently claim that polysaccharides love water – so does healthy and vibrant skin! Functioning as excellent water retainers, polysaccharides manage to reduce water loss through the skin, protecting it and maintaining its integral structure. It is their main task to enhance the skin’s natural ability to retain water, preventing dehydration.

In addition, they intensify skin renewal and repair, enabling a youthful and firm appearance.


Studies have shown that polysaccharides provide not only immediate benefits, but also long-term ones. This is why the daily use of this exceptional ingredient, found in premium skincare products, is vital to attain beautiful and natural skin!