At Oikos S.A., we strive to use the finest ingredients of natural origin that are traceable, ensuring the highest quality standards. We use over 180 plant-derived ingredients, most of which are certified organic, meticulously selected for their safety and effectiveness.


We choose high-quality ingredients for our products which are safe, effective and certified. All of our ingredients are traceable and obtained only when they carry strict controls of transparency and safety. We are very knowledgeable about the source of our ingredients to ensure that they are ‘clean’ and useful for our products.


We mostly select ingredients that are produced in Greece, whenever possible, to support local communities and economies.  Supporting local economies and businesses remains an unwavering duty for us, while we are also provided with exceptional ingredients for our products that boast several desirable properties and beneficial actions.


Read more about the action of ingredients derived from Greek nature


We fully acknowledge our responsibility towards the environment. Therefore, we do our best to respect the preservation of biodiversity in Greece and each region of our ingredients’ origin, by choosing to incorporate in our formulas ingredients which are sustainable and do not originate from endangered species.


Get a small taste of our sustainability practices:

  • We use GMP (good manufacturing practices)
  • Most of our ingredients are biodegradable
  • We use recycled packaging that does not degrade our product