Just before we start discussing the amazing skincare benefits of tocopherols, here’s an interesting fact to grab your attention: 96% of our skin’s natural system in defending oxidation is made by tocopherols!


These cosmetic superheroes are ingredients providing multiple actions, and therefore it’s not surprising that they enjoy a long and profound reputation in cosmetology. The most well-known out of the eight chemical forms of tocopherols is Alpha tocopherol: vitamin E. Let’s explore together its amazing properties.


First of all, Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol) is a natural substance found in our body. It’s a dominant oil-soluble antioxidant –meaning that it manages to penetrate deeper inside the skin- and acts against free radicals, neutralizing them. In simple words, protecting the skin from the severe damage caused by free radicals, vitamin E is a major defender of our skin’s good health; a potent anti-aging treatment and an effective moisturizer, deeply nourishing dry skin and keeping it moisturized and supple!

As it happens with other naturally-occurring skin substances, vitamin E levels decrease with time, depleting the skin’s ability to combat the unwanted results of aging. Vitamin E needs to be replenished soon!


Even when applied topically to the skin through creams and serums, vitamin E boosts skin repair, enabling cells to reconstruct, while effectively treating several skin conditions. Its anti-inflammatory properties strengthen the skin barrier and thus it can efficiently treat eczema and relieve from irritation.


The next exciting news: it is also found to reduce stretch marks, nourishing skin tissue and enabling them to regenerate. The result is improved overall skin texture!


In many cases, vitamin E goes hand in hand with vitamin C, working optimally as anti-oxidant partners.