Urea (carbamid) is truly an outstanding skincare ingredient!


This owes to the fact that this nitrogen-rich compound used in skincare treatment provides a unique and scarce combination: it’s a mild exfoliator and a powerful emollient at the same time!


Urea is a natural compound found on our skin, whose presence ensures the existence of water, by packing it in, and therefore is vital for skin hydration. Its absence would mean the emergence of numerous skin conditions. However, as a natural substance found in our body, it makes sense to imagine that urea decreases over the years, and as a result our skin gets dry and ages: it desperately needs replenishment!


In fact, there is clinical evidence indicating that urea effectively treats psoriasis, eczema, as well as other skin conditions, with great results.


But what makes it special –and therefore vital- is the fact that when applied to the skin as an external ingredient (in cosmetics etc.) it doesn’t only offer instant emollience, as most moisturizers do, but additionally penetrates the top layer of the skin, gets absorbed and locks in water, providing deep hydration to the skin.

What’s astonishing is that urea is not simply an excellent hydrator. Instead, as mentioned above, it combines two rare properties: it is both a rich emollient and a mild exfoliator. This highly-active molecule has the power to regulate the cycle of the skin cell, loosening dead skin and restoring its barrier; while at the same time regulating good and bad skin bacteria.


Urea is a big star in treating dryness and skin softening in areas of thicker skin, such as feet, palms and elbows. So, urea is the perfect solution for intense skin treatment, especially in winter, when the skin is more susceptible to harsh weather conditions!