Our pure cosmetics from both the ‘AROMA’ and ‘AROMA BIOACTIVE’ collections have soon gained thousands of loyal customers, who cherish their top quality and mesmerizing aromas! Our skincare collections correspond to people’s ever-growing need for healthy, ‘clean’ and safe products. We address those who care about their overall health and well-being, and who are mindful, critical and well-informed, dispensing with unrealistic beauty ideals. We address all of you who wish to embrace your diversity, yet enhance your best self in a natural and healthy manner!


See here where you can find our amazing skincare products made with the best natural & organic ingredients!



The super market shelf

We currently distribute our ‘AROMA’ line products to the largest retail chains and supermarkets in Greece.


You can find many of our products in:


In 178 select stores


•  My Market 
In 194 select stores


Market In 
In 190 select stores


In 143 select stores


In 123 select stores


In 7 select stores


In 15 select stores


In 11 select stores



The beauty counter

Hondos Center has been for many years one of the most popular beauty care stores in Greece! You can find a wide range of AROMA and AROMA BIOACTIVE products in store.


Hondos center 
In 18 select stores



The online shop

Prefer to complete your beauty care shopping online? Here are some of the e-shops where you can find many of our top skincare products!


e-fresh.gr (Greece)

eshop.mymarket.gr (Greece)

justbe.gr (Greece)

bonprix.gr (Greece)

houseofspices.gr (Greece)

specialproducts.gr (Greece)

sede.gr (Greece)

lioli.gr (Greece)

emphasis.care (Germany)