Our pure cosmetics’ formulation meets the highest standards

We are committed to the creation of safe products with multiple functions, including the nourishment and gentle treatment of the skin. They are in compliance with the highest manufacturing standards and are certified according to the international standard ISO 22716:2007 and ISO 9001:2008


Our products’ formulas and aromas are developed and tested by our chemists in cooperation with Vioryl, a historic and certified Greek company. Their highly experienced scientific team conduct comprehensive quality controls to ensure that our products are safe, effective and beneficial.


Quality control of our pure products is implemented in three stages:


  • All materials (ingredients, bottles, labels etc) used for production are meticulously checked in accordance to the standards introduced
  • Manufacturing of all our products is done according to a strict procedure, allowing no deviation in the permitted ingredients, concentrations and basic formulations, by suitably qualified and experienced personnel
  • All necessary tests (microbiological, stability, consistency) are made to the final product for each batch of production, ensuring that every product is safe to be used and has all the properties claimed.


We adopt a holistic approach towards beauty as part of enhanced health and well-being. We promote natural and realistic beauty, rejecting the old stereotypes of unattainable perfection, and believe that true beauty comes from within.


The Mediterranean philosophy views food as medicine, while the Mediterranean cuisine is built around plant-based ingredients. We strongly believe that properly nourishing our body makes us healthy and beautiful, while nourishing our skin with cleaner and healthier ingredients is a bold step towards a more natural and vigorous beauty regimen.


Fragrances are important to cosmetics. Even unfragrant cosmetics may contain fragrances to cover the strong, unappealing smell of contained ingredients.


For us, luscious fragrances and beautifully developed scents are more than vital. We believe in the real essence of aromatherapy, which triggers the senses, elevates the mood and stimulates body and spirit.


Therefore, for our products, we formulate our own distinctive aromas, containing high-quality ingredients and carrying strict dermatology tests in order to be safe, containing no phthalates or any other harmful substances, and most importantly being allergy-free.


Our products come in a wide range of distinctive aromatic profiles, boasting high duration and intensity. Used in combination with other products of the same series, an AROMA product offers such an intense fragrance that it can easily substitute cologne or perfume.