Shea butter has been a popular natural skincare ingredient for many years, working real wonders for the skin! Offering several beauty properties, we might even say that it tops the chart of natural beauty ingredients!


Shea butter is extracted from the shea tree (karite) and is rich in a wide range of fatty acids. Despite the fact that it is basically a nut product, it doesn’t trigger allergies due to its low concentrate of the proteins responsible for allergies.


It’s a superior moisturizing agent and- despite its rich texture and thickness- is quickly absorbed by the skin, keeping moisture inside and restoring dryness. Furthermore, its contained nutrients boost the skin’s collagen production, restoring elasticity and promoting cell regeneration. Frequent topical use of shea butter results in more resilient and firm skin!

Thanks to vitamins A, E and F, it offers strong anti-oxidant properties, fighting free radicals and thus combating skin’s premature aging and damage.


As a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, it alleviates skin irritation and soothes sensitive, irritated skin. The presence of vitamins A and E makes it an effective natural treatment for psoriasis and eczema relieving itchiness; while it’s ideal for treating skin injuries like sunburns, reducing swelling and redness, and enhancing the skin’s natural healing process.


In our endeavor to produce the best skincare products, we use organically-harvested shea butter in our products’ formulation, ensuring that all its incredible beauty properties are kept intact!